05/05/2021 – We are really pleased to announce that Graeme Hoy has joined the band as our full time drummer. Graeme has been close to the band for a while now, but we thought after signing our recording contract with Skyfire Records it was the perfect time to announce him.

In the next 2 weeks we return to rehearsals so we can start playing these songs in anger and prep them ready for the studio.

Also, we have started a kickstarter campaign to help fund our album. If you would to help, click on the link below.

The Autumn Killers Debut Album by The autumn killers — Kickstarter

25/03/2021 – Hello everyone, just a little update on where we are with the Album right now.
We have demo’s for all 12 tracks now and just adding bits of textures and backing vocals before we send them off to our Producer who will probably pick them apart before we go into the studio in July. The Tracks are sounding absolutely massive even at the demo stage.

We have also been out on location looking at sites to shoot the first video to come off the album. We believe we have found the perfect place as well.

Update regarding a new fulltime drummer – We are really pleased to announce that we have found a full time drummer. No announcement will be made of who it is until we release the first photos of the new line-up in June. Stay tuned for further updates.

TAK Crew

19/01/21 – welcome and Happy New Year to you all. We have decided to revamp our website to coincide with the release of our debut album in the summer called DARKSIDE.

We have new Merch available as well, you can pre-order these direct from this website – Official Merchandise