The Autumn Killers Live 2023

Good Morning Everyone,
Its with great excitement we announce that we have signed a deal with NRT-Records for the next 5 years. NRT really love our music and want to help us push the brand as far as we can take it. It’s a massive compliment to us that these guys really believe in what we are trying to do. With a background of working with crossover bands that use Synths, Keyboards etc… it seemed to be the perfect match for us.

We have been in talks with Phil and Hannes for a few months now and it’s great that we can go into 2023 with a clear path.

Thankyou everyone for your support

Onwards and upwards

Rotosound Music Strings / Vocalzone / Patchion / HeadRush / Fender / Jericho Guitars / NRT-Records