THE AUTUMN KILLERS were formed in the summer 2019 by Rob Reece and Duncan Richardson. they release of their debut EP in august 2020.

Rob has been on the Circuit for over 20 years in several bands including most recently REECE who played right the way around the country several times during their 3 and 1/2 year life. Rob started off as just a singer at the age of 16 in an ACDC cover who were terrible if I’m honest but it was a great bit of fun. He played in Several bands over the years including 91BC with OMEGA POINT Bass Player Matthew Cohen, SWIVELHEAD with Chris Tilly and Daniel Goode and most recently with REECE which included Jon Davies and Lee Nicholas. He has also played internationally playing several Acoustic gigs in Vancouver during a brief departure from Bands into a solo thing. He also ventured into Management getting MY RED CELL signed to V2 Records. He then returned back his love of being in Bands which became REECE which was also he time he decided to pick the Bass as well. The band released an EP called “NOISEBOX” and an Album called “IGNITED” in the time which was played several times on Planet Rock and Kerrang. This also included an Acoustic session for Made in Cardiff TV which featured the bands single Lost in translation which ended up being the last single before they disbanded.

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Duncan has been full time professional musician for over 20 years, teaching guitar, bass and music theory on a one to one basis or via online lessons through Skype. He picked been playing since the age of 4 and although guitar being his primary instrument he also plays bass, keyboards and a variety of other instruments. During his 20 plus carrier in the music industry he has been in numerous bands and played session musician.

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