JACEMEDIA – 12/08/2021

Review By JaceMedia

The Autumn Killers are a rock outfit founded by Rob Reece & Duncan Richardson who formed in 2019, the guys have been in or around the music industry for 20 years and wanted to bring their creativity together and let the world know they meant business.

The Autumn Killers will release new single One Of 5 from upcoming new album Darkside due this year. Please sit back as I walk us through this new offering. One Of 5 – In comes a cool synth overdub that sets the tone as this growling rock beast opens up and comes at us full pelt. We have an almost symphonic backing tone as this track brings a rocking groove that just lets this track flow.

There is a cool snare drum punch with a deep bass drum kick that brings cymbal snaps to our attention, vocals are strong with a gravelly vibe that fits this arrangement perfectly. Bass chords are working their way into a deep groove laden beat that just lifts this track and allows this track to really express itself with cool sampler tones and a cool bass drum kick. The guitar licks coming through are just fantastic as they keep the track on course with clean crisp chords that just make the track come together, a cool composition that will leave us waiting on this new album for sure.

Crazy Cowboy – VIVE LA REVOLUTION – 08/08/2021

Review by Victoria Llewelyn

Many thanks to #TheAutumnKillers for sending me their fabulous new single ‘One Of 5’, due for release on August 20th.I’m new to this band and suitably impressed, this track is exciting, theatrical and edgy.

Not your average ‘classic rock’ track, which is exactly why I like it. It carries something a little different, and I like how they’ve blended the electronic with the time honoured hard rock formula, always a winner with me.

An unexpected tempo shift takes the track up a gear towards the end. Plenty of drama in the lyrics, excellent musicians, expertly produced and designed to be played LOUD. What’s not to like?

PLANETMOSH – 23/07/2021

Review By Dennis Jarman

South Wales based band The Autumn Killers are not a band who are scared to take risks. They took a sidestep from their rockier side at the end of 2020 with a spine tingling cover of ‘The Power Of Love’ by Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

2021 sees them full steam ahead working on their debut studio album Darkside due for release on Sept.24th on Skyfire Records. Judging by a press release quote of “New sound, new drummer, new banging tunes” it looks like they are getting creative once more, point proven by ‘One Of 5’, the first single taken from it with a global digital release date of August 20th.

A monstrous studio mix sees it pound out Rammstein heaviness, pummeling Prodigy dance beats and the choruses are an aural revelation as they raise their pleas to the heavens! You can dance to it and in a sudden shift of pace, headbang to it. It certainly bodes well for the rest of the album.